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Introductory two minute video to showcase Saffron Sounds. Mindfulness Coaches, John and Maureen Shearer have opened their new Sound Therapy room in Hervey Bay. Enhance your world with sonic resonance and experience the vibrational energy of these almost magical musical instruments.

The Gong is a very powerful tool with great healing potential. At our core, we are energy and every type of ailment exists at an energetic level. The Gong not only supports healing at the emotional and physical level but also psychologically and spiritually.
Our bodies are more than 70% liquid. Sounds enter through every pore and the body becomes a vessel of hearing much like a giant ear. As we absorb the sound, it runs throughout the body like rivers of energy giving us rest, relaxation, cleansing and clearing, restructuring and rejuvenating… healing us at a very deep cellular level.
As all muscles in our body relax, clearing any blockages, we gain increased circulation so that all of our internal organs and all of our body systems will perform effectively.
As we enter a deep mental rest through sound therapy, we experience three levels… a Waking space… a Dreaming space followed by a Dreamless deep sleep space… allowing our body to reinvigorate and rejuvenate itself.
Sound therapy reduces stress and anxiety, reduces inflammation enabling us to work better. It alleviates past trauma symptoms through vibration and resonance. Gong healing and sound therapy is for everybody, it helps gather scattered energy and allows flow.
Sound therapy or Vibrational healing is sometimes referred to as a Sound Bath, where you become immersed in an instrumental experience and is easily accessible to all. Participation is easy with everything you need supplied for the session. You are invited to lie on a comfortable mattress with a pillow and throw rug. Allow yourself to relax while listening to vibrations of the Gongs, the Crystal Harp, both Crystal and Brass singing bowls, Chimes and other instruments.


Our sound immersion sessions offer a new approach to wellness and wellbeing. Tuned sounds bring the receptive person into deeper, dreamlike, relaxing alpha states, which stimulate the inherent self-healing powers, align the body and its more subtle layers, bring the system into deeper coherence and offer the opportunity to harmonise, refresh and re-balance the organism.​
Benefits include: calming the mind and stopping internal dialogue; rebalancing the physical, emotional and spiritual bodies and awakening higher states of consciousness that is conducive to healing and transformation.

Through Sound Therapy we offer our clients:

• regeneration and wellbeing

• reinvigoration and energising

• a full body listening experience

• a letting go into the flow of soundwaves

• a magic space of auditory and sonic surprises

• an enhanced awareness space of listening and musical vibrations

• a harmonisation of the mind and emotional system

• opening and dissolving of limiting blockades

• a balancing and recreation for the body

• deep relaxation and de-stress

• a touch of inner soul spaces

• a heightening of spirit

Mindfulness Master John Shearer and his wife Maureen are offering a 45 minute Sound Therapy session, followed by an optional cuppa and debrief, for just $50 per person in groups up to 8 people. Individuals or couples $150. Please phone to book a time. Mindfulness sessions can also be booked or even incorporated by prior arrangement.

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For a limited time, John is giving a copy of his top selling book Mindful Insights to everyone who attends a session.

Sunday July 14th ~ Purchase Ticket

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NOTE: Private Sessions can be arranged anytime. Why not organise a group of friends or workmates?
Phone John 0418 864 162 or Maureen 0417 232 953


Before Attending Saffron Sounds

*If you do need to cancel for any reason please can you let us know ASAP so your space can be given to others.

*Please arrive on time to settle in before the session begins.

*For Private Groups – Please ensure you and everyone in your group arrives on time.

*Please turn off mobile phones on entry to avoid disturbances throughout the session.

*Children are not suited for these sessions.

*We provide very comfortable Floor Mattresses all with Pillows & Blanket. 

*Wear shoes that are easy to remove & comfortable clothing that allow you to relax. Sessions are best experienced on an almost empty stomach.

*Please join us after the session for a cuppa and chat.

*If you have a pacemaker please check with your doctor before attending one of these sessions, especially if you have any concerns.

*Please be aware that the session may exacerbate physical or emotional issues, possibly increasing symptoms and/or pain and sometimes causing discomfort before bringing relief. However, this is certainly not always the case.

*We have Gift Vouchers available for our sessions.

*If you have any questions or unsure of anything, please phone or send an email to info@saffronsounds.com.au.

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